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Transformers DVD (Widescreen)
$29.98 $14.99
by David Chisholm Date Added: Thursday 18 June, 2009
I think Transformers is absolutely brilliant. I think it is the best movie Michael Bay has ever made. And I think its one of the best adaptations Iíve ever seen. It takes talent to take a story that was originally developed to sell toys, evolved over twenty years (while still trying to sell toys), already had a movie that fans loved, and from all of that make a movie that both fans and people who had never even heard of Transformers enjoyed.

I grew up with Transformers. I watched the original TV show. I cried when Optimus died in the original movie. And I had tons of the old toys (I still do). So it goes without saying that I had a lot of expectations for this movie when I heard it was being made. And I will admit that I was not altogether pleased when I heard that Michael Bay was directing. I absolutely did not want this to be anything at all like Pearl Harbor. But it wasnít. He scored with this one.

This kept the spirit of the original. It kept the best characters from the original (I still have my old Star Scream toy). It kept the humor mixed in with the action; I would say it actually improved on that one. And most importantly, it kept the original voice of Optimus Prime. If nothing else in this movie was done right, I still would have enjoyed it just because I was hearing Peter Cullenís voice again after twenty years.

But thatís the beauty of this movie. Peter Cullen voicing Optimus Prime isnít the only thing done right. Almost everything in the movie is done right. Megatron is voiced by Hugo Weaving. Shia LaBeouf plays his part perfectly. Megan Fox instantly became every nerdís dream girl. The supporting cast is made up of Anthony Anderson and John Turturro. The Transformers look real for the first time ever. There are gigantic explosions. And to top it all off, they kept to the spirit of the original. What more could you ask for?

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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