Bad Planet (2005) #4 NM
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Bad Planet (2005) #4 NM

Bad Planet (2005) #4 NM


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Bad Planet (2005) #4 NM

The world is being consumed an inch at a time as the DeathSpiders (TM) spread from the two crash spots! The mysterious FrogMan starts to eat himself in a top-secret hermetically sealed facility! Strange cults start to form, worshipping the aliens! The Convict and the Boy discover a strange connection, despite the Convict's shitty attitude! The sickening, bladder-weakening FLYING BLOWFISH continue to spread DeathSpider eggs across the globe. And Crighton and Veronica make a horrific revelationů RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES SIDEBAR PLUS no less than 14 pages of FULL COLOR 3D done by the MASTER of STEREOSCOPIC imaging, RAY ZONE! SUPER-TERROR 3-D GLASSES included!

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