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King-Size Cable Spectacular (2008) #1 NM
by drew harmon Date Added: Thursday 11 September, 2008
How come Marvel canít produce a good Cable book from the point of view of Cable? The only two good issues of this series have been told from the view of characters that are not Cable. The Cyclops issue was good, and this issue was good, but all Cable does is run and grunt. When will a good Cable story be about Cable?

Even though Cable is secondary, this is a quality time travel story. The issue follows Bishop as he hits dead end after dead end, all the while evaluating the true nature of Cable. The story does a superb job of laying out who Cable is, and is great for any one new to the character, but come on. We know Cableís past, and what makes him tick, when do we get to see how he tackles the future?

Speaking of future, how far in the future is this story set? Not time travel wise but chronologically. The baby isnít a baby anymore. Is her mutant power rapid aging?

This is a decent read and much worth the time and money if you have already sunk the time and cost into the less then stellar main series, or want to avoid the junk yet stay in the loop. Also a big plus, this King Size issue doesnít have any back issue reprint in it, so you get all new story, which is good for a change.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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