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X-Factor (2005) #35 NM
by Derik Wesley Date Added: Sunday 21 September, 2008
X-Factor, written by Peter David, has always been a must read on my pull list each month. The stories have been interesting and off the beaten path so-to-speak when compared to the other X-Books. I\'m intrigued by Layla Miller, and have been a fan of the Guido, Maddox, and the rest for a long time. And while I still think Peter David is a fantastic writer I have nothing positive to say about Larry Stroman\'s artistic talent. In fact, his penciling is so distracting, so abstract as to truly take away from the story in such a way as to make X-Factor, once a top notch book and turn it into trash heap decoration.

Larry Stroman\'s pencil must have a melted tip on it because that is how he fashions the characters I\'ve followed for so many years. Each of their faces look like melted globs that appear practically interchangeable. I was so looking forward to the addition of Longshot and Darwin to the ranks of X-Factor, but when they show up as indiscernible blobs. I can only tell which one Longshot is because he has a yellow smudge on his....well, I\'m guessing it\'s his head.

If you\'re into X-Factor merely for Peter David\'s penmanship then you\'re in for a treat. The story moves forward drawing X-Factor closer to having a logical reason for including Darwin in their ranks and having Longshot along is a pleasure but if you actually enjoy looking at the story, well, you might as well forget that as long as Larry Stroman is penciling this once perfect book.

Derik \"BC\" Wesley

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]
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