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Reserve System
When you find items you want and don't want to wait and risk missing out on them but don't yet have enough items to make shipping worthwhile, you can use our reserve system. All you need is to set up a reserve account and select the shipping frequency "On Request". Then you can place orders any time you like. By selecting "Add to Reserves" as your shipping method during checkout , you'll pay no separate shipping charge and the order will be reserved to ship at a future date when you're ready.

In addition to accumulating orders for in stock items, once you've set up a reserve account you can also use it to request upcoming items and have them reserved for you automatically. All orders for in stock items are charged for when the order is placed and orders for upcoming items are charged as those items become available. Both types of orders are then held until you request a shipment or until your scheduled ship date if you've selected a shipping frequency other than "on request".

Orders you place yourself are paid for using the payment method you enter during checkout but payment information must also be entered on your reserve account form to be used for any orders for upcoming items that are generated for you and for any applicable shipping charges.

You can also select the payment option to charge orders to your reserve account but you MUST have a valid card on file with funds available to use this option. If a payment cannot be processed then the order will be canceled and items will not be reserved for you.

Reserve account and subscription orders can remain on reserve indefinitely as long as you have either have them shipped or place an order to add to your reserves at least once every six months. If more than six months pass with no account activity though, any items still on reserve will be returned to stock and any payments already made for those items will be credited back to your account less a 10% restocking fee.

When you're ready for an order to ship, just contact us through the ticket system and tell us to ship them out. You may request a shipment via email as well but the help desk is the preferred method of contact and other methods may result in delays or other issues. By default, orders will ship using the lowest cost method but you may request an expedited method (FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail) when you ask for a shipment.
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