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Comic Book Grades
Below is a list of all the grading abbreviations used in our listings along with their corresponding numerical values on the 10-point scale.

NM (Near Mint) 9.4-10
NM- (Near Mint-) 9.2
VF/NM (Very Fine/Near Mint) 9.0
VF+ (Very Fine+) 8.5
VF (Very Fine) 8.0
VF- (Very Fine-) 7.5
FN/VF (Fine/Very Fine) 7.0
FN+ (Fine+) 6.5
FN (Fine) 6.0
FN- (Fine-) 5.5
VG/FN (Very Good/Fine) 5.0
VG+ (Very Good+) 4.5
VG (Very Good) 4.0
VG- (Very Good-) 3.5
G/VG (Good/Very Good) 3.0
G+ (Good+) 2.5
G (Good) 2.0
G- (Good-) 1.8
FR/G (Fair/Good) 1.5
FR (Fair) 1.0
P (Poor) 0.5

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