Sleeper Season 1 Volume 1 TP
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Sleeper Season 1 Volume 1 TP

Sleeper Season 1 Volume 1 TP

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Sleeper Season 1 Volume 1 TP

Written by Ed Brubaker Art and cover by Sean Phillips 'SLEEPER could hold its own against any noir, from any medium...Brubaker is without a doubt the best crime fiction writer in comics today. ' - Ain't It Cool From the award-winning Criminal team of writer Ed Brubaker and artist Ed Brubaker comes SLEEPER, the story of Holden Carver and the secret criminal organization he must infiltrate, now back in a new edition collecting SLEEPER SEASON 1 #1-12. With his contact at the agency in a coma, Carver must live one day at a time in a deadly game of cat and mouse he plays with its leader, Tao. Advance-solicited; on sale June 17 288 pages, $24.99 US MATURE READERS

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