Mister Miracle (2017) #5 NM
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Mister Miracle (2017) #5 NM

Mister Miracle (2017) #5 NM

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Mister Miracle (2017) #5 NM

How do you spend your last night on Earth? Why, with the one you love, of course! Having been condemned to death by the new Highmaster, Mister Miracle is going to have to return to New Genesis for his execution. Before he does, he and Big Barda go on one last date. But if Scott Free truly is infected by Darkseid, as Orion says, you can bet some dark force will intervene-only to what end? MATURE READERS

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Brand: Mister Miracle
Series: Mister Miracle (2017)
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Mister Miracle (2017) #5 NM
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