X-O Manowar (2017) #3 NM (Cover B Rocafort)
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X-O Manowar (2017) #3 NM (Cover B Rocafort)

X-O Manowar (2017) #3 NM (Cover B Rocafort)


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X-O Manowar (2017) #3 NM (Cover B Rocafort)

Their world became his war! Across every frontline, and through every trench, Aric of Dacia continues his hostile journey through a brutal alien planet the only way he knows how: with war. But the man once known as X-O Manowar is not alone. With a dedicated band of soldiers sworn to his side, Aric will prove his worth on the battlefield... and find himself in a position that no one saw coming! New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and Valiant exclusive rising star Tomas Giorello bring the punishing first act to Valiant's biggest series of the year to its final stand-off... and will leave readers everywhere reeling with a last page surprise!

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Brand: X-O Manowar
Series: X-O Manowar (2017)
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X-O Manowar (2017) #3 NM (Cover B Rocafort)
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