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A first in comic book history, IDW Publishing is proud to announce INFESTATION! Starting in January 2011, INFESTATION will infect STAR TREK, GHOSTBUSTERS, TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE comics with zombies, zombies, and more zombies. To help create this multi-dimensional saga, IDW is teaming up with fan-favorite writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (The Thanos Imperative, Legion of Super-Heroes) and artist David Messina (TRUE BLOOD).

Impulse Creations recently talked with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (DnA) to get the inside scoop on this ground breaking series and we're glad to be able to share the conversation with you.

Impulse: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us about the upcoming Infestation story from IDW. For those who havenít heard about it yet, what exactly is Infestation?

DnA: Infestation is a mind-blowing, epic scale adventure that brings together some of the genreís biggest universes...and itís IDWs first comic event to boot! Basically, springing out of the IDW books CVO and Zombies versus Robots, we have a zombie plague, the Infestation, that attacks both organic and non organic beings. In spectacular fashion it breaks out of one dimension and infects several more. Our heroes have to stop it before it wipes out SEVERAL universes....and the other dimensions infected? Non other than the worlds of Star Trek, Transformers, Ghostbusters and GI Joe!

Impulse: How did the idea for the Infestation crossover come about?

DnA: It was dreamed up by the editors at IDW, and we were invited to come on board and write it. IDW had seen the way we had successfully orchestrated other multi-dimensional event stories, especially with our Cosmic books at Marvel.

Impulse: What books are involved in the story?

DnA:The four core íuniversesí, with an Infestation issue to start the ball rolling and another to show the big, climactic finish.

Impulse: How connected are the titles in the crossover? Will Star Trek fans have their reading experience enriched by picking up the other titles and vice versa?

DnA: We think so. No oneís toys get broken, but the story is adjusted (and the threat itself adapts) to fit the tone and style of each universe...and the consequences are real! You can either dismiss it and enjoy it as a lot of fun, or accept it as part of continuity.

Impulse: What did you find most challenging and/or enjoyable about tying these different universes into a single story?

DnA: Itís that variation of tone - thinking up something that fits all and is still interesting, that isnít out of place in Star Trek because it fits Transformers, or jars in GI Joe because it works in Ghostbusters. We also like the fact that some consequences will have genuine long term effects on the continuity of some books.

Impulse: As writers, how is writing a story like this different from writing a more self contained story?

DnA: Just keeping tabs of everything and making sure all the ends match up! ;)

Impulse: What other projects do you have coming up that your fans should be looking for?

DnA: We have a new, big and very exciting Transformers story following hot on the heels of this for IDW. Weíre also busy with various projects for Marvel, including the brand new Heroes For Hire series, which debuted last week and has been incredibly well received!

To help make sure you don't miss part of this incredible event, here's a rundown of the issues involved:

INFESTATION #1 ($3.99, 40 pages, full color) will be available on January 19, 2011.
TRANSFORMERS: INFESTATION #1 and #2 will be here on February 2 and 16, 2011, respectively.
STAR TREK: INFESTATION #1 and #2 will be here on February 9 and 23, 2011, respectively.
G.I. JOE: INFESTATION #1 and 2 will be here on March 2 and 16, 2011, respectively.
GHOSTBUSTERS: INFESTATION #1 and #2 will be here on March 9 and 23, 2011, respectively.
INFESTATION #2 will be available here on April 6, 2011.

Add the titles to your reserve list today to to ensure you have copies as soon as each issue is released.

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